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The Last Man on Earth




No cars drive along the highways. No people walk the streets. The only few humans in view in this large metropolis are corpses. It seems like humanity has been destroyed by a horrible plague! Scientist Robert Morgan is immune to the germ that has caused the plague and is the only survivor, that is until victims of the plague mysteriously come alive and are transformed into vampires who lust after Morgan's blood! The cloves of garlic he leaves outside his living quarters aren't quite enough to keep these demons away. Dr. Morgan will be very busy trying to uncover their whereabouts and destroy them by driving stakes through their hearts. At night, they circle his house, beating on its sides with planks and rocks.

Italian release date: August 19, 1964
Us release date: March 08, 1964

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Us poster from the movie The Last Man on Earth

Main Cast

  • Dr. Robert Morgan
  • Ruth Collins
  • Virginia Morgan
  • Ben Cortman
  • Dr. Mercer
  • Kathy Morgan
  • Gouverneur
  • TV Reporter

Also Known As

  • Vento di morte (inc)
  • Последний человек на Земле (inc)
  • L'ultimo uomo della Terra (it)
  • The Damned Walk at Midnight (us)
  • The Naked Terror (us)

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