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Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter




Residing in an eerie hilltop mansion are Dr. Maria Frankenstein and her brother Rudolph, conducting the same bizarre and deadly artificial brain transplant experiments that forced them to flee their European homeland. In a nearby town, the legendary Jesse James and his companion, Hank Tracy, are caught in a gunfight that leaves Hank seriously wounded. Jesse brings back the only nearby doctor... the sinister Maria Frankenstein. Hank will be the perfect subject for her next experiment and Jesse the perfect target of her romantic desires. She successfully transplants an artificial brain into the skull of Hank, transforming him into a monstrous creature named Igor...

British release date: February 02, 1967
Us release date: April 10, 1966

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Us poster from the movie Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter

Main Cast

  • Jesse James
  • Dr. Maria Frankenstein
  • Hank Tracy / Igor
  • Juanita Lopez
  • Marshal MacPhee
  • Dr. Rudolph Frankenstein
  • Lonny Curry
  • Jensen the Pharmacist
  • Saloon Owner
  • Butch Curry
  • Nina Lopez
  • Manuel Lopez
  • Stacy
  • Pete Ketchum
  • Deputy Andy

Also Known As

  • Джесси Джеймс встречает дочь Франкенштейна (inc)
  • Jesse James Meets Frankenstein (us)

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