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My Stepmother Is an Alien




Celeste, a sexy extra-terrestrial with a mission: seduce the sweetly unsuspecting Steve Mills, a recently widowed astrophysicist, and get her hands on his research which may hold the key to saving her planet.

Us release date: December 09, 1988

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Us poster from the movie My Stepmother Is an Alien

Main Cast

  • Steven Mills
  • Celeste Martin
  • Ron Mills
  • Jessie Mills
  • Lucas Budlong
  • Fred Glass
  • The Voice of Bag (voice)
  • Grady
  • Council Chief
  • Second in Command
  • Cashier
  • Carl Sagan (voice)
  • Dr. Morosini
  • Lexie
  • Ellen



$16 000 000

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