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Jack the Giant Killer




Farm boy Jack heroically rescues Princess Elaine from sorcerer Pendragon by slaying his bloodthirsty giant. But when Pendragon uses his evil powers to bewitch and imprison Elaine in his enchanted fortress, Jack must cross the ocean to brave dragons, two headed ogres and an army of ghouls to save his lady love!

Us release date: June 13, 1962

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French poster from the movie Jack the Giant Killer

Main Cast

  • Jack
  • Princess Elaine
  • Pendragon
  • Garna
  • Imp
  • Sigurd
  • King Mark
  • Lady Constance
  • Peter
  • Scottish Capitaine
  • Chancellor
  • Boatswain


Also Known As

  • Джек убийца великанов (inc)

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