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The Invisible Man




In this Oriental rendition of H.G. Wells' Invisible Man, Japan apparently discovers the secret of invisibility near the end of WWII. They also found some eager volunteers to undergo the transparent treatment. Presumably, (I say that because my "Japanese" isn't what it should be), the intent was for them to wreak unseen havoc against invading American forces. Fortunately for US troops, A-bombs ended the war. Nine years later, one of the invisible men commits suicide and leaves a note telling the nation that another one is roaming about amongst them. Naturally, this throws Japan into a tizzy.

So, what's an invisible warrior to do when he has no one to fight? Luckily, for viewers, a gang of vicious crooks provide an answer. Dressed up in gauze bandages and trench coats they commit a series of daring robberies and terrorize law-abiding citizens as "The Invisible Gang." Ultimately, the phony invisible men learn the hard way that they are no match for a real one. (Anonymous)

Japanese release date: December 29, 1954

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Japanese poster from the movie The Invisible Man (Tomei ningen)

Main Cast

  • Takamitsu Nanjô, the In
  • Michiyo ,The Singer
  • Yajima , Gang boss
  • Reporter Komatsu
  • Ken
  • Mariko's grandfather
  • Chief Editor Yamada
  • ...
  • Nomura , Dietman
  • Chief of Metropolitan Police
  • Detective
  • Dancer in the Nightclub
  • Mariko, the little girl
  • ...
  • ...



Also Known As

  • Invisible Avenger (inc)
  • Transparent Human (inc)

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