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Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight




This is basically a sequel to “Mandroid."  In the latter, Benji was accidentally rendered invisible and his pals were allegedly trying to restore him to normal. Wade (now confined to a wheel chair) certainly wasn't working too hard on the problem. He was busy developing a pair of special sunglasses that enable the wearer to control the Mandroid. Drago, thought to be dead is very much alive and has set up shop in an old asylum. There he finds a small army of empty-headed lunatics willing to do his bidding. Drago still wants the formula for the “supercon" element. Drago is not alone, a doctor at the hospital that Ben was treated in reports to Colonel Petroff, the local police chief, about Ben's invisibility. Petroff wants the secret of invisibility, as well as, Drago. It's up to wheel chair Wade and the Invisible Ben to foil them. (Anonymous)

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Also Known As

  • Mandroid 2 (us)

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