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Invaders from Mars




One evening, David McLean, a young boy fascinated by   astronomy, sees a flying saucer that comes to bury in a sandpit near his home. The following day his father George McLean, a scientist working on a space project, renders on supposed places of the landing. There he is gobbled by a fissure in the sandpit. Alerted by the disappearance of the scientist, two policemen inquire, and are also snatched by the sand that give way beneath them...

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Us release date: April 22, 1953

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Us poster from the movie Invaders from Mars

Main Cast

  • Dr. Pat Blake
  • Dr. Stuart Kelston / Narrate
  • David MacLean
  • Mr. George MacLean
  • Mrs. Mary MacLean
  • Col. Fielding
  • Sgt. Rinaldi
  • Sgt. Baker
  • Capt. Roth
  • Kathy Wilson

Also Known As

  • Захватчики с Марса (inc)
  • The Invaders (us)

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