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Earth: Final Conflict




Arrived pretexting peaceful intentions, Taelons have solved all humanitarian problems of the planet, heal sicknesses, put a term to wars, to a such point that they pass for gods to eyes of some humans.

But, to the thread of episodes, their intentions appear more mysterious and some understand that the Taelons need humans as we need them. Some humans, feeling that they want other thing, form a group of resistants, with to their head, Jonathan Doors. The former has well placed agents, William Boone, Lili Marquette then Liam Kincaid that work to the security of the Tealons...

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Canadian release date: September 26, 1997
German release date: June 03, 1999
British release date: December 14, 1997
Us release date: October 06, 1997

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French poster from the series Earth: Final Conflict

Also Known As

  • Mission Erde: Sie sind unter uns (de)
  • EFC (us)
  • Gene Roddenberry's Battleground Earth (us)
  • Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict (us)

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