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Invasion of the Neptune men




Aliens from the planet Neptune invade Earth only to have their efforts thwarted by caffeinated superhero Space Chief (Chiba), who travels from one head-scratching situation to another!

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Japanese poster from the movie Invasion of the Neptune men (Uchu Kaisoku-sen)

Main Cast

  • Tachibana - Scientist / Spac
  • Tanigawa Hiroshi
  • Tanigawa Yoko
  • Washington Broadcast Station
  • Yanigada - Scientist
  • Yoshimoto Hiroshi
  • Yamagata Yukichi
  • Defence Chief Takita
  • Morie
  • Saito - Scientist
  • Tamiya Hiroshi
  • Railway worker
  • Reporter
  • Garrison Chief Mikami
  • Land Commander Inukai



No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Invasion from a Planet (int)
  • Space Greyhound (us)

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