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They Live




It is the near future and society is falling apart. Jahn Nada is a struggling labourer who drifts into town and makes a deadly discovery - society has been invaded by aliens from another dimension who are controlling the Earth through mind control.

Armed only with a submachine gun and a pair of special sunglasses, can Nada infiltrate the aliens' transmitting station and reveal their true forms?
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British release date: June 23, 1989
Us release date: November 04, 1988

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Us poster from the movie They Live

Main Cast

  • Nada
  • Frank
  • Holly
  • Drifter
  • Gilbert
  • Street Preacher
  • Family Man
  • Bearded Man
  • Brown Haired Woman
  • Black Revolutionary
  • Family Man's Daughter
  • Female Interviewer
  • Ingenue
  • Foreman
  • Black Junkie



$4 000 000

Also Known As

  • Oni žive (inc)
  • Чyжие среди нас (inc)
  • John Carpenter's They Live (us)
  • They Live! (us)

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