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Invasion: Earth




An unidentified flying object is tracked over the North Sea moving at an otherworldly speed. Royal Air Force pilots are called in to intercept and identify the craft and mistakenly shoot it down. The ship crash-lands in the Scottish Highlands as soldiers and scientists scramble to its resting place. With the aid of skilled scientists and an intercepted message, the groups learns that Earth is unwittingly caught in the crossfire of an intergalactic conflict...

British release date: May 08, 1998
Us release date: December 08, 1998

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Unknown poster from the series Invasion: Earth

Main Cast

  • Flight Lt. Chris Drake
  • RAF Field OP
  • Dr Amanda Tucker
  • Dr. Thompson
  • Nick Shay
  • Maj. General David Reece
  • Lt. Charles Terrell
  • Emily Tucker
  • Echo
  • Detective Sgt. Rebecca Holla
  • Jenny Marchant
  • Air Marshal Bentley
  • Nurse Louise Reynolds

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