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Luke Perry (Beau) and Rebecca Gayheart (Cassy) star in Robin Cook's story as two college friends who find themselves in a rush against time to save the world. After discovering an odd black rock in a parking lot, Beau develops sever flu-like symptoms which result in him feeling like he has never felt before... euphoric. Soon Cassy and Beau find that this strange virus is spreading at an alarming rate and not only does it make people hungry to experience the world but it is mutating them into an alien species! Their only hope is to reach a secret government germ warfare base that holds an antidote before the world is overrun by extraterrestrials and the portal to other worlds is opened.

British release date: August 31, 1997
Us release date: May 04, 1997

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Invasion

Main Cast

  • Beau Stark
  • Dr. Sheila Moran
  • Cassy Winslow
  • Pitt Henderson
  • Det. Kemper
  • Assistant Detective
  • Randy North
  • Nancy Ochoa
  • Eugene Ochoa
  • John Ochoa
  • Andie
  • Dr. Philip Hayden
  • Dr. Harlan McCoy
  • Head of the Center For Disea
  • ...

Also Known As

  • Robin Cook's Invasion (us)

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