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A reporter sent to cover a strange massacre of soldiers realizes that these soldiers have been taken over by aliens and mutants on a F-23 Super Stealth fighter craft. In order to turn in one of the century's greatest news stories, he must survive first...

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Us poster from the movie Invader

Main Cast

  • Frank McCall
  • Capt. Harry Anders
  • Aerotech Desk Sergeant
  • Harvey Briggs
  • Engineer Collins
  • Rogers
  • Sheriff Sprig
  • Airman #2
  • Engineer Powell (scenes dele
  • Accountant Man #2
  • Louise / Engineer Kelly
  • Agent Drexel
  • Horace
  • Army Paramedic #1
  • Agent Raimi

Also Known As

  • Naked Robot 4 1/2 (uk)

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