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When respected psychiatrist Dr. Neil Chase begins treating Lesley Hahn for paralyzing flashbacks, memory loss and manic paranoia, rational explanations just don’t seem to fit. Meanwhile, Nebraska housewife Mary Wilkes suffers the same symptoms. And when Dr. Chase meets her and delves deeper into both cases, the similarities in their nightmarish stories lead the former skeptic into the mystifying realm of UFO abductions. Is there indeed an alien presence at work here, and if so, have these visitors come to save an old world... or start a new one?

Us release date: May 17, 1992

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French poster from the series Intruders

Main Cast

  • Dr. Neil Chase
  • Mary Wilkes
  • Leigh Holland
  • Lesley Hahn
  • Joe Wilkes
  • Gene Randall
  • Addison Leach
  • Ray Brooks
  • Timmy Wilkes
  • Timmy Wilkes
  • Dr. Allan Terracello
  • Dr. Jenny Sakai
  • Dr. Stanley Epstein
  • Dr. Holman
  • Général Hanley

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