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Interceptor Force 2




In the near future, an elite team of government soldiers must track down and combat an invincible shape-shifting alien. After conquering a Russian nuclear power plant, the enemy now has global disaster on its agenda. Team leader Lieutenant Sean Lamber soon discovers to his horror that this interstellar menace also has a personal vendetta in mind... with nuclear winter first on its agenda...

Us release date: November 30, 2002

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Interceptor Force 2

Main Cast

  • Lt. Sean Lambert
  • Nathan McCallister
  • Dawn DeSilvia
  • Adriana Sikes
  • Bjorn Hatch
  • The Woman
  • Jack Bavaro
  • Jenkins
  • Gorshkov
  • First Officer
  • Burly
  • Rebel Leader
  • Dimitrii
  • Sergey
  • The President (voice)


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • They Have Returned (uk)
  • Alpha Force (us)

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