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In a desert region of the United States, on a beautiful summer day, strange incandescent insects rise from a crevice, opened by a powerful earthquake. They are a horde of mutant roaches with the unfortunate ability to scorch all that they touch. Soon a farmer and his son perish, carbonized in their van. A biologist, James Parmiter, is puzzled by these fire insects. After the death of his wife, burnt alive, he attempts to couple them with ordinary bugs...

Us release date: June 06, 1975

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Us poster from the movie Bug

Main Cast

  • James Parmiter
  • Carrie Parmiter
  • Gerald Metbaum
  • Norma Tacker
  • Mark Ross
  • Tom Tacker
  • Sylvia Ross
  • Charlie
  • Henry Tacker
  • Reverend Kern
  • Kenny Tacker
  • Taxi Driver
  • Security Guard

Also Known As

  • Жук (inc)
  • The Hephaestus Plague (us)

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