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The Inhabited Island




The year is 2157. The blossom times for the human civilization. Pilots of the Free Search Group furrow the space. Russian spacecraft piloted by Maxim Kamerrer, 22 years old, crashes on the distant inhabited Saraksh planet. After long years of a nuclear war, an environmental crisis reigns over the planet, the society is overburdened with social problems, and the established peace is quite shaky. The valiant astronaut will get acquainted with a mysterious land governed by the Unknown Fathers which are five anonymous rulers manipulating the inhabitants’ consciousness using special emitters. Here Maxim will meet new friends, make enemies, find his love and, after getting through dangerous trials, hunger, mortal hazards and losses, will lead a rebel movement challenging the five greedy rulers...

Russian release date: December 18, 2008

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Russian poster from the movie The Inhabited Island (Obitaemyy ostrov)

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