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When the nefarious Dragon Princess invades Hong Kong and summons monsters up from the center of the Earth for her army, Earth's meager defense team joins together to create Inframan! With multiple powers at his disposal (including a solar ray and thunderball fists), he sets out to vanquish his enemy forever in the action-packed audience favorite that will have you cheering!

Hong kong release date: August 01, 1975

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Us poster from the movie Infra-Man (Zhong guo chao ren)

Main Cast

  • Rayma / Inframan
  • Demon Princess Elizebub
  • Professeur Liu Ying-Te
  • Liu Mei-Mei
  • Chu Ming
  • Demon Witch-Eye
  • Sergeant Lu Hsiao-Lung
  • Hsiao Hu (Juvenile)
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  • Liutenant Chu Chi-Kuang
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Also Known As

  • Chinese Superman (hk)
  • Chung kwok chiu yan (hk)
  • Jung-Gwok chiu-yan (hk)
  • Zombi 13: The Bionic Zombie (inc)
  • The Infra Superman (inc)
  • Суперинфрамэн (inc)
  • The Super Inframan (inc)

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