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New York 2095. A floating pyramid above Manhattan. A population of mutants, aliens, humans, real or synthetic. An election campaign. A serial killer who seeks a healthy body and a falcon headed god who has only seven days to preserve his immortality. A geostationary penitentiary that loses a subversive dissident deep-frozened thirty years ago and a young woman with unknown origin, with blue hairs and blue tears. Three names : Horus, Nikopol, Jill. Three beings with converging destinies where all is faked: voices, bodies, memories. Everything except love rises as a deliverance...

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French release date: March 24, 2004
Italian release date: November 19, 2004

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French poster from the movie Immortel

Also Known As

  • Trilogy (fr)
  • La femme piège (fr)
  • Immortal (Ad Vitam) (inc)
  • Immortal Ad Vitam (it)
  • Immortal (us)

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