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Ice Spiders




Upon arriving at the remote Lost Mountain Ski Resort a group of Olympic hopefuls are thrilled to find that "Dash" Dashiell, a retired Olympic skier, will be training them. Their plans are quickly halted when Dr. April Sommers, a scientist working at a nearby government lab, frantically arrives with the shocking news that genetically- altered mega-spiders are attacking and feeding off of skiers at the resort. It's up to Dash, Dr. Sommers and resort owner Frank to stop the giant vicious spiders. With a small military squadron led by Captain Baker, Dash and Dr. Sommers use every weapon they have at the Lost Mountain resort to save the survivors and stop the arachnid threat before they kill and eat everything in sight!

German release date: February 06, 2010
Us release date: June 09, 2007

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Ice Spiders

Main Cast

  • Dan 'Dash' Dashiel
  • Dr. April Sommers
  • Capt. Baker
  • Prof. Marks
  • Chad Brown
  • Brittany
  • Frank Stone
  • Steven
  • Quintin
  • Coach Mike
  • Coach Palmer
  • Rosen
  • Perez
  • Mrs. Stewart
  • Mr. Stewart


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Cold Snap (us)

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