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A top secret military project hires prestigous university students to assist create a cell altering machine called the 'gammasphere'. Lead of the group is arrogant Bruce Banner, mainly complimented by compassionate Betty Ross. When the gammasphere goes wrong, Bruce Banner is afflicted with the ability to turn into a mammoth creature soon dubbed 'The Hulk', a manifestation of his own inner demons that he mutates into when it is emotionally triggered. A ruined, Jeckyll and Hyde man he may be, but a ruined man may prove to be a heroic one when a villain emerges, and close...

British release date: July 18, 2003
Us release date: June 20, 2003

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Us poster from the movie Hulk

Main Cast

  • Bruce Banner
  • Betty Ross
  • Ross
  • Talbot
  • Father
  • Young David Banner
  • Edith Banner
  • Young Ross
  • Harper
  • Mrs. Krensler
  • Teenage Bruce Banner
  • Security Guard
  • Security Guard
  • Security Guard
  • Security Guard

Also Known As

  • Big Green (us)
  • The Hulk (us)

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