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The Awful Dr. Orloff




The Dr Orloff, a former physician, abducts with the assistance of Morpho, his blind waitress, young women on whom they do some chirurgical experiments. Thanks to skin chirs, he hopes to restore Melissa's face, his defaced daughter. While the police inquires on theses disappearances, Wanda Bronsky the fiancée of the inspector in charge of the affair crosses Orlof's way and recognises him thanks to a photofit picture realised from witnesses. Doing her own investigations, Wanda approaches Orloff. The doctor, turmoil by her resemblance with Melissa, is going to attracked the young woman to his castle…

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Us release date: December 02, 1964

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Unknown poster from the movie The Awful Dr. Orloff (Gritos en la noche)

Also Known As

  • The Awful Dr. Orlof (inc)
  • The Diabolical Dr. Satan (inc)
  • Screams in the Night (inc)
  • Cries in the Night (inc)
  • The Demon Doctor (inc)
  • Ужасный доктор Орлофф (inc)

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