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Hollow Man II




Michael Griffin, an invisible assassin turned insane murderer, the result of an experimental invisibility serum which is driving him mad as it brings him a slow, painful death. Maggie Dalton, a beautiful, brilliant research biologist, is the only person who can keep him alive but when the government uses her as bait to trap Griffin, she must turn to Frank Turner, a Seattle homicide detective, for protection. As Griffin becomes increasingly deadly and out-of-control, Turner's left with one choice to keep Maggie alive: he must take the invisibility serum and become a Hollow Man himself. Twice the action, twice the thrills and twice the terror as the two Hollow Men face one another in their spectacular final battle...

British release date: September 11, 2006

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French poster from the movie Hollow Man II

Main Cast

  • Michael Griffin
  • Frank Turner
  • Maggie Dalton
  • Dr. William Reisner
  • Col. Gavin Bishop
  • Lisa Martinez
  • Heather Dalton
  • Trophy Wife
  • Pearl Girl
  • Dr. Devin Villiers
  • Elderly Husband
  • Washroom Man
  • Capt. Rollins
  • Ashley
  • Josh

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