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Hollow Man




The very brilliant, arrogant, but charismatic scientist Sebastian Caine, heads a top-secret project on behalf of the Pentagon that is working to develop a serum that renders those injected with it invisible. After the formula functions perfectly on animals, Caine disobeys orders of the Pentagon and experiments on himself.

Unfortunately, Caine and his team of scientists are unable to reverse the process. Soon Caine decides he wants to fully explore the possibilities invisibility offers him. His team realize that their seemingly omnipotent leader now perceives them as a threat to his existence. His remarkable transformation, results a unimaginable power that seems to suffocate his senses of morality and leads to a curious frightening conclusion...

German release date: October 12, 2000
British release date: September 29, 2000
Us release date: August 04, 2000

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Us poster from the movie Hollow Man

Main Cast

  • Linda McKay
  • Sebastian Caine
  • Matthew Kensington
  • Sarah Kennedy
  • Carter Abbey
  • Frank Chase
  • Janice Walton
  • Dr. Kramer
  • Sebastian's Neighbor
  • Warehouse Guard
  • Mrs. Kramer
  • Wino
  • Boy in Car
  • Girl in Car
  • Mom


$90 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$191 200 000

Also Known As

  • Hollow Man - Unsichtbare Gefahr (de)

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