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The Six Million Dollar Man



The Six Million Dollar Man

(The Six Million Dollar Man)
A series created by Kenneth Johnson
5 seasons - 109 episodes
1974 - 60 minutes - Color - Mono - NC
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Air Force Colonel Steve Austin, a test pilot, an astronaut who walked on the moon, is badly injured in the crash of the prototype of a stratospheric plane. Possessing the necessary technology, the government of the United States decides to reconstruct him by replacing the limbs that were too damaged to save with experimental cybernetic elements. His new bionic members, his right arm and his two legs, make him an extraordinary being endowed with speed and superhuman force enhancement. The replacement of his left eye by a bionic eye also allows him to see very long distance. The cost of the operation : 6 million dollars... » Get more informations…

British release date: September 05, 1974
Us release date: January 18, 1974

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Unknown poster from the series The Six Million Dollar Man

Also Known As

  • Человек на шесть миллионов долларов (inc)
  • Cyborg (us)

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