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The Meteor Man




After being chased by neighborhood thugs, Reed is struck by a meteor and he suddenly develops superhuman strength and abilties: he can fly, speak dog language and absorb knowledge from any book in 30 seconds. Reed's mom creates a homemade costume, and he practices his newfound skills in secret. His nightly community improvements -- such as growing a vegetable garden and disarming the local gangs -- draw the wrath of the Golden Lords, flaxen-haired bad guys who terrorize Reed's block. Soon Meteor Man and the powerful leader of the Golden Lords get ready to have an ultimate showdown that is not to be believed...

Us release date: August 06, 1993

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Us poster from the movie The Meteor Man

Main Cast

  • Jefferson Reed
  • Mrs. Reed, Jeff's Mother
  • Michael
  • Ted Reed, Jeff's Father
  • Earnest Moses
  • Simon, Golden Lord Chief
  • Mrs. Harris
  • Mrs. Walker, Reed's Landlady
  • Goldilocks
  • Uzi, Golden Lord Gunman
  • Marvin
  • Pirate
  • Byers the Mobster
  • Malik, Stacy's Boyfriend
  • Mrs. Laws the Principal



$30 000 000

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