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The Invisible Man




Daniel Westin (McCallum) works for the Klae Corporation on experiments in molecular disintegration, alongside his wife Kate (Melinda Fee). When Westin discovers a method of making animals and then himself invisible, the threat of misuse leads him to destroy the equipment, but in the process he becomes permanently invisible. While seeking to reverse his condition, he is assigned the codename Klae Resource and is sent on special secret missions.

If there’s corruption in a small town, political hijinks on a national scale, scientists defecting, aging dictators in need of protection, kidnap victims in need of rescue and crime at the heart of the Klae Corporation that needs investigating Klae Resource is the (invisible) man for the job.

Following his starring role in cult classic The Man From U.N.C.L.E., McCallum returned as the lead in this hit series, which launched with a feature length pilot followed by 12-gripping episodes.

British release date: September 26, 1975
Us release date: September 08, 1975

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Unknown artwork from the series The Invisible Man

Main Cast

  • Dr. Daniel Westin
  • Dr. Kate Westin
  • Walter Carlson

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