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Indestructible Man




As he sits on death row, Charles "Butcher" Benton refuses to tell his dishonest lawyer, Lowe, where he hid the $600,000 he stole during a bank robbery. Instead, he sends a map detailing the location of the money to his stripper girlfriend, Eva Martin. Lowe intercepts the letter and steals the map. "The Butcher" vows revenge on Lowe and all his cronies. After his execution, Benton's body is taken to the laboratory of Dr. Bradshaw, whose experiments to find the cure for cancer accidentally bring Benton back to life - only now he's indestructible!

Us release date: March 25, 1956

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Us poster from the movie Indestructible Man

Main Cast

  • The Butcher - Charles Benton
  • Police Lt. Richard 'Dick' Ch
  • Eva Martin
  • Paul Lowe, Attorney
  • Police Lt. John Lauder
  • Joe Marcelli
  • Hysterical Young Woman
  • Prof. Bradshaw
  • Francine - Blonde Stripper
  • Harry - Bar Owner
  • Carney's 'Bait'
  • Desk Sergeant
  • Old Frump in Bar


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