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Crimson, the Color of Blood




After a jewel robbery goes horribly wrong and their leader, Jack, (Naschy) is shot in the head, a band of thieves goes to a local doctor for help. To save their friend's life, the criminals devise a unique scheme: Kill their worst enemy, toss his body onto a railroad track in front of an oncoming train, and use his severed head for a brain transplant! Unfortunately, the unwilling donor, the Sadist, turns Jack into a raging lunatic bent on murder and destruction!

French release date: September 19, 1976

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Spanish poster from the movie Crimson, the Color of Blood (Las ratas no duermen de noche)

Main Cast


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Also Known As

  • Le viol et l'enfer des X (fr)
  • Crimson (us)
  • Crimson, the Color of Terror (us)

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