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Highlander III: The Sorcerer




Highlander--The Final Dimension finds the immortal Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) destined for a decisive battle with his ruthless eternal enemy, Kane (Mario Van Peebles). Pursued across time by his arch rival, MacLeod must make a heroic last stand if he is to rid the earth of the seemingly unstoppable Kane!

French release date: January 18, 1995
British release date: December 09, 1994
Us release date: January 27, 1995

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Us poster from the movie Highlander III: The Sorcerer

Main Cast

  • Connor MacLeod / Russell Nas
  • Kane
  • Alex Johnson / Sarah
  • Nakano
  • Warrior #1
  • Warrior #2
  • Lt. John Stenn
  • Old Japanese Man
  • Dr. Fuji Takamura
  • John MacLeod
  • Pierre Bouchet
  • Jack Donovan
  • Innkeeper
  • Innkeeper's Son
  • Banger 1

Also Known As

  • Highlander III: The Final Dimension (ca)
  • Highlander 3: The Sorcerer (inc)
  • Highlander 3: The Final Conflict (inc)
  • Highlander: The Final Dimension (us)

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