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After Scottish clansman Connor MacLeod discovers his true identity as a member of a legion of immortals, he embarks on a legendary journey spanning continents and centuries, eventually landing in modern-day New York City. Connor faces his ultimate test when other immortals begin to appear in the city, leading to a titanic showdown where only one can claim victory...

British release date: August 29, 1986
Us release date: March 07, 1986

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French poster from the movie Highlander

Main Cast

  • Connor MacLeod / Russell Edw
  • Brenda J. Wyatt
  • Victor Kruger / The Kurgan
  • Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ram
  • Heather MacLeod
  • Lieutenant Frank Moran
  • Det. Walter Bedsoe
  • Rachel Ellenstein
  • Sunda Kastagir
  • Kirk Matunas
  • Iman Fasil
  • Dougal MacLeod
  • Angus MacLeod
  • Kate MacLeod
  • Chief Murdoch


$16 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$12 900 000

Also Known As

  • Горец (inc)
  • Dark Knight (us)

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