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The Hideous Sun Demon




A radiation mishap makes a scientist, Dr. Gilbert McKenna, transform into a hideous, reptilian monster every time he is in direct sunlight. During the hours that he is corrupted by the sun, he is obsessed with finding prey and a mate. On one of his nightly drinking binges, Dr. McKenna falls for a busty lounge singer, and the two end up spending the night together on the beach, Unfortunately, the good doctor oversleeps and has to run home without even a word to his lover. Of course, Dr. McKenna risks going out to see her again even though he is supposed to be containing himself to his cellar, risking not only his life, but the life of the woman he loves...

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Us poster from the movie The Hideous Sun Demon

Main Cast

  • Dr. Gilbert McKenna
  • Ann Russell
  • Trudy Osborne
  • Dr. Frederick Buckell
  • Dr. Jacob Hoffman
  • George Messorio
  • Police Lt. Peterson
  • Dr. Stern
  • Suzy's Mother
  • Suzy
  • Radio Deejay
  • Barfly / Man on Beach with K
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Also Known As

  • Man Turned Monster (inc)
  • Blood on His Lips (inc)
  • The Sun Demon (inc)
  • Saurus (us)
  • Terror from the Sun (us)

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