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The frozen body of Paul Fournier is discovered in Greenland where he had disappeared during a scientific expedition in 1905. Perfectly conserved he is brought back to life in the 1960s. His descendants take care of him: to spare him the cultural shock they behave so to make believe it's 1905 and they are his cousins, uncle...

French release date: September 10, 1969

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French poster from the movie Hibernatus

Main Cast

  • Hubert de Tartas
  • Le professeur Édouard L
  • Edmée de Tartas
  • Paul Fournier
  • Mme Crépin-Jaujard, la
  • Didier de Tartas
  • Evelyne Crépin-Jaujard
  • Sophie
  • L'avocat
  • Le professeur Bibolini
  • Le secrétaire gén&
  • Charles
  • Crepin-Jaujard
  • L'assistante de Bibolin
  • Une infirmière



Also Known As

  • Замороженный (inc)
  • Louis de Funes e il nonno surgelato (it)

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