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The Heroic Trio




Ching, Tung and Chat form an unstoppable combination as three powerful martial arts experts-each with her own secret superhero identity-who band together to battle the ultimate evil! Their foe is a demented but powerful wizard who believes that if he kidnaps all the babies in China he can build a demonic ruling class and eventually dominate the world. With everything on the line, it's up to the Heroic Trio-Shadow Fox, Mercy and Invisible Woman-to rise up and stop him!

Hong kong release date: February 12, 1993

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Hong kong poster from the movie The Heroic Trio (Dung fong saam hap)

Main Cast

  • Ching / Invisible Woman / Nu
  • Tung / Wonder Woman / Shadow
  • Chat / Thief Catcher / Mercy
  • Insp. Lau
  • Kau
  • Chief of Police
  • Inventor
  • Evil Master
  • ...
  • ...
  • Leader of robbers at chemica
  • ...
  • Car thief
  • ...
  • ...


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Dong fang san xia (hk)
  • Eastern Three Heroes (int)

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