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In the future, huge multi-tiered buildings act as the main human dwellings, with massive elevators bringing people from one section to the next. Luchino is a troublemaking girl on her way up to school one morning, as normal denizens of the building join her in the elevator. But she realizes that trouble may be brewing when her unusual psychic power reveals to her that two of the men on the lift are psychotic killers, being transported to another prison level. When the power goes out, the prisoners escape, terrorizing the elevator with no way for the victims to escape...

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Unknown poster from the movie Hellevator (Gusha no bindume)

Main Cast

  • Luchino Fujisaki
  • Icumavon Inagaki
  • Calsuchemof Mitarai
  • Alamocia Nakaji
  • Miyako Ololonga Tanaka
  • Viblio Sawatsukumori
  • Calvona Shimokitazawa
  • Fimarli Shimokitazawa
  • Ninalada Mochiduki
  • Nocosh Utsunomiya
  • Dolid Okita
  • Zitacock Obitani
  • Tolioros Takayama
  • Calpico Teranouchi

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