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Chance O'Brien is a Kick Boxing champion. This could have seem banal, but in this futuristic world, he regularly fights against genetically modified men improved with physical performances raised up thanks to 10% biotechnological implants that many companies produce and improve each day. Nevertheless despite the repeated efforts of the manufacturers, Chance is the undisputed master, 100% human, of martial arts who transforms all his fights into victories.

So as to confront to rival companies and to sit its technological power, the Sianon Corporation, lead by its financial director Tsel Tung, is on the way to organize and to sponsor a world tournament in which the greatest warriors will be invited...
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French poster from the movie Heatseeker

Main Cast

  • Chance O'Brien
  • Jo
  • Tsui Tung
  • Xao
  • Bradford
  • Liu
  • Elder
  • Older Elder
  • Oldest Elder
  • Raul Lono
  • Tal Aziz
  • 1st Bio Man
  • 2nd Bio Man
  • Catwoman / Referee
  • Official


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