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Harrison Bergeron




In a society of the future after a Second American Revolution, the United States has followed a course towards human equality by making everyone into the lowest common denominator. This dark future United States achieves this equality by a program of directed breeding and where directed breeding doesn't work, citizens wear special mind control collars that handicap their intelligences to a point where everyone has about the same level of brain power. In this dark future, students are encouraged to be average and seek "C" grades. Predictably, Harrison Bergeron has such a high IQ that his mind control collar cannot effectively inhibit his intelligence and he must make a choice between a surgery similar to a lobotomy or disappear from society.

Us release date: August 13, 1995

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Harrison Bergeron

Main Cast

  • Harrison Bergeron
  • Phillipa
  • President McCloskey
  • Charlie (of 'Chat with Charl
  • Diana Moon Glampers
  • John Klaxon
  • Dr. Eisenstock
  • Newman
  • Commissioner Benson
  • Jeannie
  • Eric
  • Weatherperson
  • George Bergeron
  • Ms. Newbound
  • TV Announcer - San Quentin

Also Known As

  • Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron (inc)

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