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Hand of Death




Working in his isolated desert laboratory, scientist Alex Marsh accidentally discovers a gas that will paralyze the mind and render it susceptible to suggestion. Believing this discovery to be a means of averting nuclear war, Marsh continues his experiments despite the objections of his fiancée, Carol, and fellow scientist Tom Holland. Following a mishap in mixing chemicals, Marsh inadvertently kills his assistant by merely touching him. Realizing he carries the touch of destruction, he goes to ask his old friend, Dr. Ramsey, to find an antidote. But when all attempts to find a cure fail, Carol realizes that he is now insane…

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Unknown poster from the movie Hand of Death

Main Cast

  • Alex Marsh
  • Carol Wilson
  • Tom Holland
  • Dr. Frederick Ramsey
  • Carlos, lab assistant
  • Police Lt.
  • Service station attendant
  • Davey, little boy on beach
  • Mike the Mailman
  • Cab Driver
  • Police Photographer
  • Cop
  • Reporter
  • Woman with Packages
  • Cop

Also Known As

  • Five Fingers of Death (us)

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