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Time Slip




A squadron of Japanese soldiers find themselves transported through time to Japan's feudal period... 400 years in the past. Where rival samurai clans are battling to make their leader the supreme Shogun.The squad leader, Lt. Iba sees this as the perfect opportunity to realize his dream of becoming the ruler of Japan. To achieve this, he teams his troops up with those of Kagatori, a samurai who also aspires to become Shogun, using their high-tech weaponry to rule Japan...

Japanese release date: December 05, 1979

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French poster from the movie Time Slip (Sengoku jieitai)

Main Cast

  • Lt. Yoshiaki Iba
  • Nobuhiko Ken
  • Widow Yui
  • Kazumichi Morishita
  • Old Woman
  • Shokichi
  • Hosokawa Fujitaka
  • Seaman Harumi Takashima
  • Sanada Masayuki
  • Seaman Toshishige Suga
  • Mokichi Nemoto
  • Tategawa Katsuzo
  • Sgt. Hideo Shimizu
  • Track Coach
  • Koji Kano

Also Known As

  • G.I. Samurai (inc)

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