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Solar Crisis




In the year 2050, explosions on the surface of the sun threaten to create a solar flare that could destroy all life on Earth. The crew members of the Helios, each with their own special area of expertise, are on a critical mission to explore the flare that endangers our planet. The star craft is carrying a space probe loaded with an anti-matter bomb to be shot into the heart of the sun. If successful, this bomb could trigger the mega-flare away from the Earth.

But the risks of doing battle with the sun pale by comparison to dangers from saboteurs on Earth. Determined to stop the mission, the saboteurs planted a traitor on board...
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Japanese release date: July 14, 1990

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Unknown poster from the movie Solar Crisis

Also Known As

  • Kuraishisu niimaru-goomaru nen (jp)
  • Crisis 2050 (us)

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