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War of the Robots




Somewhere in another galaxy, Earthman John and his space crew are held captive on the planet Anthoor. Anthoor – jointly rules by the Empress Lois and Professor Kaar who are protected by an army of robots and androids. The Empress and the Professor devise a plan to locate and destroy Earth. They hide with several androids aboard a spaceship which has been prepared for the earthmen to escape in. After imprisoning the crew and killing the Professor, the Empress with the androids, takes command of the Earth bound vessel.

They join the Anthoor battle fleet to spearhead the invasion of Earth which, if successful, will make her the supreme ruler of both planets. With the help of a friendly navigator, John escapes to recapture the spaceship but in the fierce battle, the Empress manages to reach her command vessel. Using the three astrofighters aboard, John and his crew prepare to attack the invasion force, a battle which will be fought against overwhelming odds. Can they save Earth from horrific onslaught ?

Italian release date: April 27, 1978

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Italian poster from the movie War of the Robots (La guerra dei robot)

Main Cast

  • Capitaine John Boyd
  • Julie
  • Lois
  • Trissa Crew
  • Roger
  • ...
  • Kuba the Alien
  • ...
  • Commander King's assist
  • Herb Julian
  • Dr. Wilkes
  • Jack
  • Trissa crew
  • Anthorian Leader
  • Paul

Also Known As

  • Stratostars (inc)
  • Reactor (inc)
  • Robots (inc)
  • The War of the Robots (inc)

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