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One evening, residents of Linda Rosa, a small city in California, are the witnesses to the fall of a meteorite. The astronomer Clayton Forrester arrives at the scene of the landing. Later in the night, the meteorite moves. A hatch opens and an articulated arm comes out. Very soon, the population understands that the object is not a meteorite, but a spaceship arrived from Mars whose mission seems to be devoted to the destruction of residents of Earth...

Us release date: August 26, 1953

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Clayton Forrester
  • Sylvia Van Buren
  • Maj. Gen. Mann
  • Dr. Pryor
  • Dr. Bilderbeck
  • Pastor Dr. Matthew Collins
  • Gen. Mann's Aide
  • Second Radio Reporter / Open
  • Wash Perry
  • Col. Ralph Heffner
  • Cop at Crash Site
  • Salvatore
  • Commentary (voix)
  • Australian Policeman (scenes
  • Boy (scenes deleted)


Also Known As

  • Вoйна миров (inc)

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