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The Power




A team of scientists is making researches on the human endurance at the Space Center of San Marino, California. Henry Hallson feels he is no longer the master of his will and fears to be manipulated by a mysterious power. He informs Jim Tennaer, one of its colleagues, of his anxieties. A short while after, he is assassinated. Tanner, suspected of the murder, inquiry so as to be exonerate. He is rapidly confronted with a mysterious force he doesn't know the origin, and that attempts to take possession of him...

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Us release date: February 21, 1968

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Us poster from the movie The Power

Main Cast

  • Prof. Jim Tanner
  • Prof. Margery Lansing
  • Prof. Norman E. Van Zandt
  • Mrs. Sally Hallson
  • Prof. Talbot Scott aka Scott
  • Mark Corlane
  • Grover
  • Flora
  • Prof. Henry Hallson
  • Prof. Carl Melnicker
  • Bruce
  • Arthur Nordlund
  • Mrs. Van Zandt
  • Mrs. Hallson
  • Mr. Hallson

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