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Raise the Titanic




Amazing efforts are made to salvage the Titanic in order to recover material vital to the United States' defense. The Herculean project must be managed in absolute secrecy, despite the extreme rigors of the climate, deadly interference from a rival nation and the need to invent technology never before conceived...

Us release date: August 01, 1980

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Us poster from the movie Raise the Titanic

Main Cast

  • Admiral James Sandecker
  • Dirk Pitt
  • Dr. Gene Seagram
  • Dana Archibald
  • John Bigalow
  • Captain Prevlov
  • Master Chief Vinnie Walker
  • Captain Joe Burke
  • Admiral Kemper
  • Marganin
  • Merker
  • Willis
  • CIA Director Nicholson
  • Bohannon
  • Kiel


$40 000 000

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