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War In Space




The year is 1988. Aliens from the Empire of Galaxies establish a base on Venus and launch a surprise attack on Earth. As the invaders’ spaceships quickly defeat the world’s armies and destroy New York, Moscow, Paris, and London, a United Nations Space Bureau team led by Professor Takigawa manages to finish construction of Earth’s last line of defense, the space battleship Gohten.

The Gohten makes short work of the alien fleet, and the crew decides to take the battle to the enemy. While en route to Venus, an alien manages to sneak aboard the ship and kidnap Takigawa’s daughter Jun. The UN team attempts to rescue the girl from the clutches of the wookiee-like Space Beastman, but even if they succeed they must still deal with the greatest threat of all— Supreme Commander Hell and his powerful space galleon, the Daimakan.

Japanese release date: December 17, 1977

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Us poster from the movie War In Space (Wakusei daisenso)

Main Cast


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Also Known As

  • Battle in Outer Space 2 (inc)
  • Cosmos (inc)
  • Great Planet War (inc)
  • Planet Wars (inc)
  • The War in Space (inc)
  • War of the Planets (inc)
  • Uchu daisenso 2 (jp)

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