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I Was a Teenage Werewolf




After Detective Donovan is summoned to Rockdale High School to break up a fight between students Tony and Jimmy, he advises Tony, who admits to starting the fight and has previously been in trouble, to talk with Dr. Alfred Brandon, a psychologist at the local aircraft plant. Tony declines, but his girl friend Arlene and her parents, as well as his widowed father, continue to show concern about his violent behavior. Finally, after Tony attacks a friend at a Halloween party, he realizes that he needs help and goes to see Brandon. Brandon has his own agenda, however, and feels that Tony will be an excellent subject for his experiments with a serum he has developed that causes the regression of personalities to their primitive instincts. Although Brandon's assistant, Dr. Hugo Wagner, protests that the serum might kill Tony, Brandon begins his treatment and within two sessions suggests to Tony that he was once a werewolf. (TCM) » Get more informations…

Us release date: June 19, 1957

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Us poster from the movie I Was a Teenage Werewolf

Main Cast

  • Tony Rivers
  • Arlene Logan
  • Dr. Alfred Brandon
  • Jimmy
  • Theresa
  • Detective Donovan
  • Vic
  • Pearl
  • Frank
  • Police Chief P.F. Baker
  • Dr. Hugo Wagner
  • Charles Rivers
  • Doyle
  • Pepe the Janitor
  • Principal Ferguson

Also Known As

  • Blood of the Werewolf (us)

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