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The Big Mess




In the first century of the third millennium, a galactic civil war is raging between governments, industrial giants and space pirates. Run for your lives! The Big Mess features space captain Douglas, the pirate couple Sterr, a space admiral and countless other characters trying to eke out a living in the cosmos. But whenever they get anywhere, they find they've been beaten to it by monopolist enterprises...

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French poster from the movie The Big Mess (Der große Verhau)

Main Cast

  • Akkumulateur
  • Akkumulateurin
  • Raumpilot Carl Douglas
  • Inhaberin der Firma Joint Ga
  • Leiter der Bodenstation der
  • Fräulein Szeliga
  • Oberst von Schaacke
  • Themselves - Music Band
  • Inspektorin
  • Gefängnisbeamter
  • ...
  • ...



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