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While they prospect a wreck at large of the Irish island of Nara, treasure searchers discover the existence of a gigantic marine monster liberated of depths by a volcanic irruption. They capture it and against the notice of scientists, forward it to London to exhibit it in a circus under the name of Gorgo. But Gorgo is in fact the child of a creature far more great that soon puts in search of its offspring...

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Us release date: March 29, 1961

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Us poster from the movie Gorgo

Main Cast

  • Joe Ryan
  • Sam Slade
  • Sean
  • McCartin
  • Prof. Hendricks
  • Prof. Flaherty
  • Dorkin
  • Radio Reporter
  • Admiral Brooks
  • Mate
  • First Naval Officer
  • First Colonel
  • Bosun

Also Known As

  • Горго (inc)

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