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Godzilla vs. Biollante




Dr. Shiragami has been genetically engineering a form of indestructible plant life using a rare supply of Godzilla cells. This experiment has brought a strange new form of plant life into existence: Biollante, massive, yet peaceful in every way... until Godzilla returns to wreak havoc upon Japan. It is only then that something within Biollante stirs and the plant must fight to save her creator and the land she loves. It's the super-beast Battle of the Century when Godzilla and Biollante come face to face in an explosive fight to the finish. (Josh)

Japanese release date: December 16, 1989

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Japanese poster from the movie Godzilla vs. Biollante (Gojira vs. Biorante)

Main Cast

  • Kazuhito Kirishima
  • Asuka Okouchi
  • Major Sho Kuroki
  • Dr. Genichiro Shiragami
  • Lieutenant Goro Gondo
  • Miki Saegusa
  • Director Seiichi Yamamoto
  • Seizo Okouchi
  • Self Defense Forces Officer
  • Keiko Owada, Prime Minister&
  • Prime Minister's Aide
  • Erika Shiragami
  • TV Reporter
  • Joint-Chief of Staff Yamaji
  • Osamu Amesawa

Also Known As

  • Годзилла против Биолланте (inc)
  • Gojira Vs Biorante (us)

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