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To avoid world war, the major powers have channelled man's aggressive instincts into competitions between teams of soldiers. The games are shown on TV by satellite, and can be fought to the death. Game no. 254 is being played between Britain and China near Stockholm, under the detached eye of a Swedish-controlled computer...

Swedish release date: June 25, 1969

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Unknown poster from the movie Gladiatorerna

Main Cast

  • British General
  • British Staff Officer
  • Capt. Davidsson
  • French Officer
  • West German Officer
  • American Officer
  • Chinese Staff Officer
  • Chinese Colonel
  • Swedish Colonel
  • Assistant Controller
  • East German Officer
  • Russian Officer
  • Italian Officer
  • Indian Officer
  • Nigerian Officer


Also Known As

  • Peace Game (inc)
  • The Gladiators (inc)

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